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Adding a Form to Your Facebook Page

Last Update: August 13, 2017

Adding forms to your Facebook page is quick and easy using JotForm.

Please follow the steps below:

Assuming that your form is already created and you are in the Form Builder:

1. Click PUBLISH at the top.

2. Go to the PLATFORMS on the left nav.

3. Then select FACEBOOK.

4. After clicking FACEBOOK, click the ADD JOTFORM TAB button.

5. A popup window will show up and ask you to log in your Facebook account.

6. After logging in to Facebook, the "Add Page Tab" window will appear and you will have the option to choose the Facebook Page you would like your form to be added to. On the screencast below, the Facebook account only has one page, named "Sample Company". After selecting the page, click the ADD PAGE TAB button.

5. You will be prompted with this message after successfully adding your form to your Facebook Page. Click the link, GO TO  YOUR PAGE, to open your Facebook Page.

6. In your Facebook page, you'll see a "Contact Us" tab. Click it to view your form.

How to Change the Tab Title? 🔗

a. In your Facebook Page, click "Settings" on the upper right hand corner.

b. Click "Edit Page".

c. Click "Settings" on the Contact Us tab then click "Edit Settings".

d. Afterwards, type in your Custom Tab Name.

e. In the same screenshot above, you can also change the Custom Tab Image.

How to Change the Form in My Facebook Page? 🔗

If you want to change the form, you do not need to remove the tab and add it again into the Embed Form wizard. You can manage it right in the tab/app page. If you are logged in to your account, you should see a GEAR (settings) icon on the left. Just click it and select a form from the list.

IMPORTANT: Facebook Tabs won't work on mobile. It's not something we imposed, it's just something Facebook hasn't deployed yet. Viewing it on a desktop should work as intended.

There's a discussion on this page that will further explain Facebook's stand on this. That post came straight from the Facebook Team, courtesy of a Developer Support Engineer.


  • I GOT IT

  • marc76

    which part in FBML application will i insert the facebook code?

  • Jotform Support

    Can you explain more? Have you seen the screenshots in 1. and 2. above?

  • Violeta Silviano

    cool, thank you,

  • Jairo Alfonso

    hice en jot form el formulario con campos requeridos y lo pego en la pagina facebook, pero al dar click en el boton summit manda los datos asi esten los campos en blanco, por favor solucionar

  • sgiordano

    This is great and the survey looks awesome on our page, but these dimensions are off and some of the questions or answer options are cut off? How can I chance the size? I tried looking for the size within the coding but then realized I had no idea what I was looking for...

  • Cindy Molloy

    I have went to the link and tried to add it to my page. When the pop up comes up it says "no results". What could I be doing wrong?

    Thank you and an FYI - you have made my life easier since I help with a non-profit organization and I am self taught. Thank you again!!

  • jodie250

    Thank you, thank you. I have been trying to add a Contact Form to Facebook for ages, this worked a treat!

  • asiso

    Hi, I'm doing all steps just like the instructions but when I go to the FBML the page crash and display this:


  • aytekin

    So, this happens when you go to FBML before you had a chance to add the JotForm code?

  • eroms4xel

    This information was very helpful to me. Thank You

  • stylevolution

    very informative indeed! the walk through was clear and simple.

  • chmarine

    Many thanks

    All sorted
    CH Marine

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    easy and fab thanks
    stunning photography

  • swoozies

    I set the font formatting and the size and color is not coming through on FB. It seems to keep defaulting to the original for I set up.

  • healthygreen

    Hoe To run script to fields are requarieds files... any one can help.. because i don't want to recieve data empty on from

  • healthygreen

    Validation fields... is not working...
    can any one help... i has copy paste form jotform advance on facebook code..
    but... validation can't...

  • azcup

    Instructions were very clear! Form looks and works great. Changed form width to 510 and no problems.

  • shobhna

    its nice work

  • Tavengwa

    I've added my contact form but however some people have tried to contact me using it but I do not receive any of their messages, how do i fix that

  • JotForm Support

    Please post your questions to the forum. This place is comment area for user guide.

  • Anup Setty

    When the form is submitted, it will stay on a "thank you page". How can I make it return to my facebook page after the form submission?

    Thanks in advance.
    Anup Setty

  • sanjj

    how do i add a background image and align the entire form position to the center.


  • bellarougedesign

    For some reason no matter what I do or what size I use (I started at a width of 510 and went all the way to 425) it seems to cut exactly the same amount off the right edge. I do not understand this though I suspect it has something to do with the new Facebook layout. I love having a form on my fan page though - I hope I can figure out this sizing thing!

  • theman_600

    cool but the required option dont work you can click on submit,it take u automatically to the next page without giving an error to put up the required fields

  • JotFormSupport


    Please post this question to the forum. You should also state the facebook page's link.

  • geeneeyes

    captcha image doesnt load

  • nikiphotos

    My form is too wide. how do i resize it?

  • JotFormSupport

    open your form in edit mode.
    On the top toolbar click on Form Style tab. Then Click on "Form Width" button

  • cafereena

    how can i make the form return to my facebook page after the submission of the form... rather than the default jotform page....!!

  • aytekin

    1. Click on "Setup and Share" tab on the form builder toolbar
    2. Click on "Thank You"
    3. Select "Custom URL" option and enter a URL from your own web site.

  • marcel iordan

    How can I put text in form like in htt:// in Free Copies tab?
    Is this made with jotform?!/photoboothco?v=app_4949752878
    Thank you,

  • derrrumbe

    Hola, pego el codigo en facebook hasta ahi todo ok, pero si al formulartio le pongo algun temp, color de fondo o algo lo deja blanco, que puedo hacr? mil gracias

  • timkarnold

    The theming on my fb page doesn't seem to work :/

  • onemancreative

    @Marcel I'm the one that put the form together on the photobooth facebook page. It's just a simple jot form with a re-direct after you complete it.

  • onemancreative

    @timkarnold I'm having the same issue... Wondering if Facebook made some changes that killed the styling of Jotforms embed code.

  • JotFormSupport

    Please send us the form's address and your facebook page's address so that we can examine. You can post it in forum.

  • feetnlegs

    My form on my Facebook page looks nothing like it's supposed to, and I have a newspaper article coming out in 3 days that refers to it. Help! My Facebook page is

    My JotForm page is:

    Please tell me what I'm doing wrong!

  • undertaker

    to mohamed keane

  • carmels

    i have set up a contact me form in facebook. is anyone able to tell me where the submission goes? i would like to receive response via email. thks

  • JotFormSupport

    The submission goes to your e-mail and to the jotform servers. It is like using a normal Jotform form.

  • vendita

    you need to adjust the width of the form to the new width of facebook fanpages (520px).Check on my page the layout: is visible only half of the form.

    But, after that, your forms are awesome!!!!!!!!

  • vendita

    after the css declaration and before the script add the following code:

    It'll fix the width of the form to the new facebook layout

  • vendita

    (style type="text/css")
    .form-all {width:520px !important}--)

    replace ( with < and ) with >.
    the system does not allow me to post html code

  • sickoner

    Hello, I asked U how can I integrate my form as an "Apllication" and not with "static fbml" cause fbml gonig to disapear the 10th of march.
    Please answer me as soon as you can.

    Thank you,
    best regards

  • JotFormSupport

    We are working on that.

    Plus the static fbml will not disappear. The current users using static fbml will continue to use it but adding fbml application from beginning will not be possible.

    See the post please:

    Existing users of static FBML will not be effected.

  • fanaticpages

    im using facebook app also, with iframe i try the iframe code by uploading it to my server but that did not work any advice?

  • JotFormSupport

    Please use the code as provided. Iframe code does not work in Static FBML.

  • TGIG

    We changed the form theme but are still seeing the old one on Facebook, despite saving it and checking the style number. Is this something you've seen before?

  • JotFormSupport

    You can try deleting the tab and recreating it. I alsoadvice you to change the version number carefully again to a number like 9.9.95

  • herbaleats

    after adding to my page when i click edit theres no fields to enter in. I never even get up to pasting my code. Help please. Thanks gino

  • stellacyan

    so what to do that fbml doesn't work anymore? do you have any other way? thanks!

  • syfo02

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  • TheCraftyMom


    I added the form to Facebook, but I don't see a contact button on my facebook page. How can I correct that or where do my fans need to go on my page to use the form?

    here is my page:

  • cogdell

    same question as "stellacyan" and may others.... What do we do now to add forms to our FB pages since we cant use FBML any more?

  • JotFormSupport

    Until we release our solution you can use this Static FBML application. You can put the code, which we have given to you for Static FBML, in the application


  • Radiance


    Is there a way to customize the tab's favicon ? The Usual FBML one is ugly...

  • Mildred Nad

    I cannot see "my page" on my facebook account? where can I add the FBML to my account?
    Please please help

  • NeilVicente

    @Radiance there is no way to customize the icon. it is built-in with the fbml application

    @Mildred you need to have a facebook page to embed a form into an fbml application. go to this url to create your own facebook page -

  • monaoriaslarrobis

    i already did evey step as instructed, but it says, it cant find the url, what happened?

  • LDMedia

    Facebook seem to have discontinued Static FBML for pages and are migrating to use of IFrames for the same purpose.

    Old pages will still have FBML but you cannot add it to new pages.

    You can bypass the lockout using this link for now:

  • LDMedia

    This blog post describes a more complete workaround to create custom tabs for your form by creating an app linking to your content hosted elsewhere and displayed as an Iframe.

    @Jotform: This is the best I can come up with! An updated protocol for forms on FB would be ace.

  • LDMedia


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    Can You pls help to get on facebook.Pls send me the code

  • rishilink

    when i click add to my page,then appear a page "No Results" plz. help me...

  • Digitel DSL

    Its easy to use.. :)
    drag and drop...
    embed ur url(choose F for facebook) and paste it on ur FBML or Static FBML

  • anshul bhardwaj


  • anshul bhardwaj


  • desporto

    When i click in Tabpress to add my fb page, no page is show to select. Please help!!!

  • fashionworld

    it there other option aside the tabpress.... i thinks the tabpres some sort of problem now... but i barely needed my form to share from my facebook?

  • Daniel

    how do I change the icon that shows up automatically with tabpress?

  • martiano

    Pay for multiple-tabs is the ONLY way how can I on one facebook page have more then one form?

    Or is here another way?


    thank you

  • zimox


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  • Patty Williams

    Could someone provide me a a link or screen shot of a jotform added to their Facebook page for visual reference? Thanks!

  • richardpagulayan

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  • susanm79hotmailcom

    How do you take the Tagpress Header off and how do I get the link to completely embed in my Welcome? I pasted the link, but it is just showing the link until I preview. Obviously I'd like it to just pop up automatically.

  • I8

    How can i make this Submitted Message to be sent to a specific E-Mail .>???

  • jayske

    I've copied my link into the tab press non-fan field and saved the form. Now when I click on the tab in Facebook the page opens up to the tabpress edit window and not the form. How do I get it the page to open to my form only?

  • I8

    in Composing the E-mail Message
    when i should to click on the Form Fields to Add them and be Ppulated with their real values , to Be Sent

    The Menu " Form Fields " is Empty !!!
    i cant see The fields Name in the Menu to Add Them in My Message !!!!
    Any Help Please !!!! :(

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  • Sarab Yashq.


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  • donlebi

    Hi, in order to add the jotform to Contact Us page of facebook Plexustheme I was ask to copy the Static FBML of the form into script of that page.
    But you don't provide it anymore, do you?
    Now, how can I do it using the iframe for the tabpress app.

    Thank you

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  • francinec

    I followed all the step, but I am getting a 'Navigation Cancelled" and it does not show the form using tabpress.

    Please assist. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

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    This form builder is great. For those of us who need a map on our fan pages, this is the one I use:

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    How do I un-integrate from Facebook?

  • advatex

    How do I remove my form from Facebook and just have the normal Submit Form button on my website?

  • daylirn

    i had add the form that i want but i cant add another tab which your link cant search my page when i want to put in the code... any solution please?

  • advatex

    Hi there, I have succesfully added the TabPress App and copied and pasted the code. In the preview the form shoes perfectly but not when I click on the edited "Welcome" tab.
    Please be so kind as to visit and click on the TabPress icon name "Quote Request". Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • yakamoz

    hi I do not want the scroll bar

  • yakamoz

    does not turn on automatically ?

  • Ashwani Kumar Sinha

    I get an error
    "Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration."

    Please assist.

  • Sweetiepie Bowtiques

    I went thru instruction to exact. when I got to, pasted code under non fan content and then clicked save. at top it said in red: save before previewing but in green below it said: content has been saved. But when you click on the tab on my facebook page it just says the code (that I pasted) in the content box... No Form.... please help to how i fix this problem. Thanks

  • PECScards

    i Have more than 1 form that i would like to add to my facebook page, is it possible? or i am limited to just one form at a time?

  • Helene

    Hi, would love this form to work for us, however I cannot seem to see our form?

    Get below error message

    Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate.

    For more information, see "About Certificate Errors" in Internet Explorer Help.

    I am worried this will put off people using this form, can you please advise?

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  • sdesai

    Tab Press Application response time is extremely slow..Page never loads...are there any other methods to use Jotform without Tab Press? Thanks

  • born

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  • Anthea. b

    hi i am up to step 7 on Adding Form to Facebook and can not find the browse more apps button is there some think else i need to do to find this button?

  • Evadan

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  • Shazwani Binti Abdullah it!

  • SteveMoreels

    Hi guys,
    Did everything by the book. Form is only showing in preview mode. When i press the Tabpress app i only see the two textfields.When i loo at the preview en try to log in with the facebook bottom i get 'GIVEN URL IS NOT ALLOWED BY THE APPLICATION CONFIGURATION' What am i doing wrong?

  • grisu59

    I haven't the button MORE APPLICATIONS in the application options of my FB page, so I can't add TabPress.
    What can I do?

  • maivutan

    Oh, it cannot use as app anymore? :(

  • akolankowski

    I followed the steps exactly and all I see is my code in both boxes. I checked from another FB account I have and it shows the code not the form. I have been trying to make this work for hours.

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    after they have submitted the form, where can i find them ?

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    Tabpress is unavailable now. Which app can I use to add multiple tabs on Facebook?

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    can you update this for the new Facebook changes? There's no way to browse for more apps now.

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    tabpress is temporarily suspended.

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    Facebook Development

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    Where the form go when the client submit?

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    how do i know the form is running? when i look at the tab it just shows the dev. language.

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  • Jasebai

    My form isn't showing up on Facebook, when i select preview all that's seen is public & fans tabs. What have i dont wrong? Thanks for your help.

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  • heather

    How would I add two or more html iframes to my page. I would like a testimonial + mailing list signup.

  • John Simmons

    I am trying to set up a form on my colleagues fb page, I followed the instructions and cut and pasted the html into the box for Public Content, I saved it and expected it to show up to my timeline, but all I see is the HTML when I click on the Star????

  • sylvia ohaga

    Am not able to paste the link onto the box

  • yazid


  • confucius

    i could see the preview after i saved it but did not see it on my page?

  • jeanettemaree

    Hi guys, I've followed the instructions (all good). Problem is that I can only see the form by clicking on the preview button. Going into the Tab brings up the 'backend' of the page, as in step 9 as opposed to the form. Any ideas where I went wrong?

  • jeanettemaree

    In addition to my comment above, I've deleted the cookies & history and embedded the code in an i-frame as per response to 'confucius' and still no luck.

  • heenakbar

    all went good till step 8. but step 9 does not work for me. I get just 2 option
    Go to App · Edit Settings · Link to this Tab

    in edit setting there isn't any place to put in the details and in the link to this tab there is already a link to copy only.
    what can i do next?

  • mjmanning

    I read through you info, but I am still not sure it applies to what I need. Here's what I'm looking to do: I work for a medical clinic and would like to add an option on our Facebook page for patients to fill out a form requesting an appointment. This is not an online scheduler, but rather an email sent to the office with a requested appt time and date. I have a similar form on our website, but is there a way to link it somehow to FB? I am not a computer guru by any stretch so feel free to talk in simple terms; I promise it would offend me. Thank you!

  • mjmanning

    I've done everything step by step, and although I have the icon appearing on our business FB page, I'm getting the 404 error message when I click on it. I tried to go back and load it again both as an static HTML and just by using the add to FB button on your site--neither worked. I got he message saying, "this application is already installed for all applicable pages". How can I fix??

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    I've done everything step by step, and although I have the icon appearing on our business FB page, I'm getting the 404 error message it says The page you were looking for doesn't exist.

    You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved. How can I fix??

  • IandC

    hi.. why somebody tried to fill up the order but then there is no notification.. may i know where can i see it?? coz its not in my email..

  • GaBa

    The length of my form is to long and can't see the final part of my form in FaceBook page. What should I do for making it look correct?

  • Ai Chin

    I have followed the steps for adding form to Facebook.
    However, after I have completed the final step and clicked the iframe tab, there is Form.
    Any reason for this to happen?

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    hey...i followed all the instructions but when i click AddStatic Html... the next page open which says This application is already installed for all applicable pages...
    what should i do now???

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    i want the information entered in the created to be stored in my database is it possible??

  • miniparadise

    Press twice times of the static html tab only the form will came out. Why 1st time would not show out the form?

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    Thank you so much for this tutorial! It worked perfectly for me. Had no idea it would be so easy.

  • SaveScottishSeas

    hello - i've used the static html iframe app to embed a jotform on a facebook page. it works (almost). unfortunately it only displays after you click on the 'welcome' button (in my case 'upload' button) for the second time. the first time it simply renders a blank page... any clues for help? not keen to submit the url in a public forum.

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    How can i edit it after i have pasted it on my FB page? I tried editing it but it is still the same

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    Instructions wonderfully easy but the form doesn't open up to use. I would also saved it as Contact Me but it says Welcome on the app box.

  • guest_22652779629064


  • guest_22977964605064

    Please explain this more, i can't see the "box".. thanks
    9) There are 2 boxes below to enter your code you got from JotForm. The first box views your Facebook form for everybody, and the second one is for fan views only. Paste your code as you wish and save.

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  • dhef nashet

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  • ADFC

    I have entered the code to my Facebook account but my supporters state that they get "Unable To View Content" and have been told that it isn't working. When I enter the code, I get this from facebook written in pink...

    Insecure urls found

    You should change the following urls to begin with http:// instead of http://, or some browsers may not properly display your content:

    Not sure what to do or what is going wrong.

    This is the url to by form page:



  • joyi

    how come i pressed the enter button and nothing comes out for me to place the form?

  • guest_30110687823046

    You only need to use this index.html box to host your code, style.css and script.js are for if you prefer to organize your code further.

    this txt above on my form when my costumer try to fill my order form. is this can be remove.? I need help.? i try to edit and delete it and save again but when i open my form it still there.? can someone help me about this. you can view my page to see it into your two eyes. Please go to

    I really need to be answer asap coz it's embarrassing all my costumer. To all of you please really need your help. thank you!

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    Can anyone help i have added the form to my facebook page but i when i view it the form on my page all i get is this message
    This webpage is not available
    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    Error 501 (net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE): Unknown error.

  • babycastingsdirect

    i keep getting this message on my page\babycastingsdirect

    his webpage is not available
    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    Error 501 (net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE): Unknown error.

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    Not working. Have added the tabs to my page but it does not show the Iframe tab icon. Even after it is clearly there (I went back and tried it again, and that page was gone so I assume its there).

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    hi.. i followed all the steps but whenever i tried to see the form itis showing me an error message... that website is not available?? x_X

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    This webpage is not available
    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    Error 501 (net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE): Unknown error.

  • heythererascal

    I keep on getting this message even if I already changed it to https uses an invalid security certificate.

    The certificate is only valid for the following names: ,

    (Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

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    where is Facebook form code ?
    How to Paste ?

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    Error 501 (net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE): Unknown error.

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    I have added the Jot Form as Contact-Us in my FaceBook Page. And I am confuse if people contact there where the mail will be sent ?

    Can you pls tell ?

    Waiting for your reply


  • raquelott

    Is there an extra step I need to take if I want people to like my fb page before seeing the form? Because people see this garbled (html code) message where I imagine it should say something like please like my page before seeing the form, etc. What am I missing?

  • rodger hansen.p

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  • anonymous

    thanks million thanks :)

  • jasper

    Hi! I would just like to ask if renaming the tab "Welcome" with something else like with the name of the form be possible? If yes, how? Would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks

  • Coleman

    Once you add your jot form to a Facebook page, is there any way to display all of the entries/results as a running feed on that tab or another?

  • Natalie

    Hi, I've followed all the steps and created a form here. However, when I tried to add the order form to my fb page, I can't see the public content and fan content.

  • Frank

    Hello, the page I have on Facebook is not a personal one so I don't have any search bar. I want to have a contact form on my F/B page. Is there any way round this problem? Thank you for your help.

  • finemusicfm

    I was irritated to find after I got to the end of the instructions and had successfully uploaded to Facebook using https / secure that you only allow 10SSL form submissions on the free plan...would have been best to do this at the beginning so users don't wast their time. Still it was all nice and clear...well explained.

  • amer nawahda

    اريد زياده الاصدقاء

  • jesse

    how do you make a form send it to your email?

  • JacklynTan

    I already upload and follow all the steps, however my friends is unable to see the form to click to. I can see it from my side. Please assist

  • mwheat14

    Two Things:

    You should add a step or reminder for users to switch their Form and the associated app (custom icon) out of Sandbox mode.

    2) This is didn't work for me. Doing all the steps (including the custom icon) left me with this error:

    You have enabled a App on Facebook integration for your app, but have not specified a Canvas URL.

    Please advise ASAP. I'm trying really hard to not have to switch to another vendor and start this process over. Been working on this for several days. Your form initially lost my project several times --- only to finally have it stay saved and now get these errors.

    Thanks! -M

  • horsesineducation

    Followed the steps and get the following when clicking on the tab:
    This Connection is Untrusted

    You have asked Firefox to connect
    securely to, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure.
    Normally, when you try to connect securely,
    sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are
    going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified.

    What Should I Do?

    If you usually connect to
    this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is
    trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't continue.

 uses an invalid security certificate.

    The certificate is only valid for the following names: ,

    (Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

  • dz_mourad

    hdden Box !

  • gaurav mishra

    i want to add facebook again. please help me.

  • salim boss


  • Michelle Tomlinson

    Can't get on my th account

  • manchesterconfessions

    Can I make this form available on mobile phones? Android/iOS/Windows etc?

  • ziane

    حبيت يكون له طابع خاص وفريد



  • TradingUpIdaho

    Form is loaded to Facebook hoping for the best. Thanks so much.

    Thank you,


  • ithar


    I have follow all the steps, i have the order form in a tab from the linked one here, I have made the payment, etc

    Now, I have try filling the order form, but i dint got anything, what is the problem?

    And another question is, will my customers be able to fill the form from their mobiles? I was using a order form before from another site but it was not working from mobiles phones.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • IndiePlate

    So we added our order form on facebook, but it is somehow only visible to us when we log in. None of our customers are able to view the order form tab when they visit our page from their FB account. Any suggestions?

  • Muhammad Abid Ayub

    If I want to change the email ID then what to do, I've created a Form and want to change the email ID but there is no option .. you should add this option also

  • kreativmg

    My form does not show up in Google Chrome, yet it shows up in Safari...why is that??

  • Tahir

    i was able to add the form, with ease.
    but where does the information go that is filled out on the form

  • مصطفى الجابري

    hi ...

  • ondutyapparel

    after hitting edit tab the page just stays LOADING..cant get to the next step

  • Jay

    when at the welcome / editing part of the instruction's, I click on the green edit tab for it to take me through to a thunderpenny page, and wont load. For something that seems so simple its very frustrating! How is it that I actually embed this form on the facebook page if it wont load the page needed to imbed URL code?

  • john

    thank you.

  • ondutyapparel

    After embedding the code, with secure settings, my form does not publish rather a sad face midway down. What could i be doing wrong?

  • ondutyapparel

    After embedding the code, with secure settings, my form does not publish rather a sad face midway down. What could i be doing wrong?

  • ondutyapparel

    i got it... thanks

  • fullmoon123joy

    After pressing Edit Tab, it won't load. It looks like it's thinking, but won't do anything else.

  • margaretking

    I have the drop down categories. When I click on one of the categories, the Next tab below it no longer shows on the page. How do I change the length on FB so the user can click Next?

  • Carl

    lots of problems lately with thunderpenny app. I would suggest moving over to woobox.

  • paperfeet

    at last! After 3 attempts, I got it!
    Thanks a lot.

  • raidervoice

    It is showing up for the admin, but not for the fans that have liked the page? I don't know why?!

  • fadysamih


  • NinjaBien

    ive got this info when i try to install:
    "Static HTML: iframe tabs
    This application is already installed for all application pages" can't i have more than 3 buttons or what is wrong?

  • inno45

    follow us

  • crybabyjigs

    My page is a business page, it won't let me installl the app..other ideas?

  • ayesha qadir

    my connection is untrusted
    but i wanna use facebook and its not working properly please help :(

  • CHCIcareer

    I just tried using the new widget's, specifically the widget for making a big city header. I followed the normal process for adding this JotForm to my facebook page. Unfortunately, everything about my form is visible except the new header. When I insert the code into Thunderpenny, it is asking for me to "upload a picture". In order to upload an image to thunderpenny, I would need to use their paid service. Is there an option for using the new widgets (specifically the header) with the free version of Thunderpenny?
    Here is a link to my "app"

  • vhenuzha30

    i got my form app, thanks to you jotform

  • JellyNCam28

    My form was created on my Facebook fan page correctly, but I cannot enter any data in the fields! For some reason, I cannot enter any data in the preview section on jotform's website either.

  • fairefortune

    forms not loading on facebook using this feature

  • shadda Elmagri

    people can not submit , when ever they click on it they get Form Disabled
    This form has been disabled , how can i fix this

  • pptravels

    Can you add more than one form to facebook? I can't seem to find out how?

  • sadaf


    So I went through all of the steps in setting up a form on my facebook page. It is specifically a RSVP page- I did a test run and clicked submit, but where does it go? to my email?

  • pikopiko

    How do I change the word "Welcome" to something more applicable and change the tab icon on the hoe page?

  • batangas

    To add new tabs or multiple tabs in your Facebook page, just search text like this

    Static HTML...[Second Tab]

    Static HTML...[Third Tab]

    Static HTML...[Fourth Tab]

    in your FB profile page... there should be a result to add a new tab

  • sherleensy


    My form appears to be broken. It was working before and suddenly when people click on it, the form doesn't pop out anymore.

    how can i fix this?

  • johnnyrockard

    Followed instructions to the letter and all I end up with is a blank FBpage. Nothing on it at all!


    Same as @jonnyrockard. I follwed all the instructions, altering the width and the http to https and there is just a blank FB page with a sad face on it:


    Corrected - It works now. I clicked the "secure form" checkbox in the Embed Form Wizard and THEN copied the code. It works great now!

  • justhanz

    My form works normal on Facebook tab except that when I placed a test submission, I got a blank white page after clicking the submit button. Anyone can shade a light on how to show the thank you page after submission? Thank you in advance.

  • Alisha Roddam

    it just shows as a broken frowny face guy :( I copied the code, added the static hml editor, pasted it in, and changed the http to https

    what am i missing?!

  • realcamogirl

    my form is not showing up at all, i added the "s" for security but i only get a crash face when i try to view the form... any help? tia

  • realcamogirl

    I added "secure" and now it is working

  • prithiviraj

    how to change the application name "Welcome" to Contact Us ?

  • QuizTime

    it works, thanks for the Guide.

  • camillebenoit

    Can you use a form on a personal Facebook page??

    I don't see instructions about that here...

  • mikeshinoda


    After preparing the form on jotform I clicked the facebook tab to connect and put the codes on my facebook fan page but after clicking facebook icon it appears a small and white page. It doesn't connect to facebook to continue. Need advise.


  • acbdigitalteknologi

    tq jotform

    its realy helping me..

  • karimuntet

    I already did everything according to manual, but just can't seem to make the form available to mobile device.
    Here's the app

    Any suggestion? Thank you in advance :D

  • b3FORTS

    Unfortunately this does not work for me. Every time I try to do this, I get an error message. I am NOT mobile, by the way.

  • Yiannis1981

    How can i clear my submissions when is full and recover the form??

  • konformusa

    Hello, immediately after clicking the "Add JotForm Tab" button in the Embed Form settings, it seems Facebook opens a window and I get a generic message...

    "An error occurred. Please try again later."

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  • cheekyface

    Is it possible to add more than one jotform tab to my page? I have a quote form on there but now I'd like to add a booking form too. Becasue I have already added a form it now doesn't offer me the same page as an option when I try to add another form.

  • Euay

    Don't know if you help me or not. I have my own FB page and my business FB page. They were link together and I could post on both pages. For some reason I can get my page up and working but can't get in to the business page. I have no user name or password for it. And can't seem to get in touch with Facebook for help. Can anyone help me?

  • thelittleyurtmeadow

    Hi There,
    When I click the embed facebook button, the popup window appears but then fails to load. I've tried it in different browsers but it will not work. Any ideas?

  • Faheem

    I have created my Facebook tab along with form. Form is attached But when some One place the Order or enter the data I Do not receive his information. Can You please guide me?
    here is link

  • Priyanka

    Hi , wants to add one button on Fb page ,and onclick of that wants to open one form , so can i add this button to FB page which was not creted by me inshort for others account,is it possible?

  • Mark

    FYI: A new product is available that makes this easy. It is called TimelineOptins. If you would like to learn more go here:

  • quannguyen1234


    I did and the form does not show up. It said "The connection was reset" with a sad face.

    Please help.

  • mudji


    would it be possible for you to ask facebook to sent me a form

  • popupent

    mine is not showing the page I want, shows all the other pages just not this one

  • ramnivash singh

    i adding jatform on my facebook page,where i get user details. who filled this form

  • eymyleon

    How many Jotform tabs can I install in one facebook page?

  • Andrew Hyeroba

    How can i get the form to show in the facebook mobile app?

  • jarettjmathew

    Dear all,

    the edit picture for the app doesn't work. When I hover over i get no "edit Pic"

  • jarettjmathew

    Im unable to add more than one form to my facebook page as well. could anyone help?

  • Jama

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  • Jose Miguel

    ¿Can i call an webservice (.asmx) from jotform form?

  • Fluidevents

    I'm having a hard time getting this to work.I click "add jotform tab" and nothing works. can I get some help?? any ideas?

  • Christie7872

    I have a private facebook page I'm trying to add my jot form to but it doesn't come up with I follow the steps. My other pages come up but not my private. How can I get the tab on my private FB page?

  • michael

    just created my first form, does it work on the facebook app, if so its not showing on mine.
    Also on the desktop version of facebook, it is saying the form is not available

  • OrangeXtreme

    Dear Jotform Support Team

    When I follow the steps as provided in the link for adding a form to FB pages, the ADD JOTFORM TAB button does nothing. The window to login to my FB page does not come up.

    Please advise, as I think I would prefer this FB option to the Fit Form option as I need to collect registrations through FB and an online Reg Form.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Herpreet Handa

    from fages

  • mahesh123

    am trying to add my page its not working >>>

  • Syazwan

    Hi,is it you apps can show in mobile user like android user or ios user?

  • christine

    I am trying to change the form on my FB page. I am not getting the settings "wheel" to allow me to make this change. I've tried on both edge and explorer. Any ideas?

  • circeins

    I have access to a couple of Facebook pages and only 2 of the 3 are showing up in the drop down box that pops up. And the one I need to show up isn't showing up. Any ideas?

  • circeins

    Although, more importantly, how do I have my form show up in the text of a Facebook post?

  • Donaldot

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  • sam

    I am add jot form in my facebook page but how can i get all visitor data of thease forms

  • Javier Dantonio

    Informative suggestions ! Speaking of which , if someone is wanting a DA 31 , my wife encountered a sample document here how to da form 31.

  • Holidea

    Hi, the tab open a jotform page thth say : Whoops!

    Unfortunately, the page you were looking for could not be found. It may be temporarily unavailable, moved or no longer exists. Please check your spelling and retry.
    Link is
    Could you help please?

  • Noli

    Can this be viewed thru mobile?

  • TabIsMe

    When I click on the drop down tab to select the page to add it to, the page I need is not listed. Why?

  • sloughbottom

    BRILLIANT. I am going to try that when my form is all finished. THANK YOU JOTFORMMMMMM

  • ACP11900

    Is there any way in which you can decide which forms are accessible through you facebook? I am trying to build and few forms for internal company use only but I dont them to be viewable on the facebook app.

  • Aleena Rathee

    Thank you so much jot Forms

  • Jillity

    I'm an admin for a club page but Jotform doesn't give me the choice of adding a tab to the club page.

  • Press10

    The add form to your Facebook page button is not working. Nothing happens at all when I click on it.

  • Press10

    Once I go into Facebook, under apps and services, the jot form app isn't there. What did I miss?

  • Press10

    I don't have anything under "services" for "apps", just "partner apps and services" and it's empty. When I went back to see if I missed a step, it no longer shows the page I added it to leading me to believe that's because I've already added it. I just don't know where to find the app on Facebook since it's not under "partner apps and services". Does that make sense?

  • LS_Launch

    Can this registration be added to an event on my facebook page?

  • fullcyclecreative

    I just did this, got a message that it successfully added to my page, but now when I go to my page, I get an error message that the page cannot be loaded. I can't remove it if I can't see it. It seems like it broke my page!

  • IBCBolingbrook

    This is not working...i followed the steps perfectly, but keep getting the error when performing step 4 (jotform v4) :

    All of the Facebook Pages that you are an admin of have already had this App Tab installed.

    But when i log into my facebook page, and try to perform steps 5 and 6, I cannot see the jotform app anywhere and on my Facebook account, when i go to "Partner Apps and Services, it says "You haven't added any services to your Page yet."

    My facebook page URL:

  • m_brennan

    I am having the same issue as IBCBoilingbrook. I followed the steps and supposedly added the app to my page but I cannot find the app anywhere in my account. When I try to view the answer on the above thread, it doesn't load. Can you please advise what the issue may be?

  • Kar2017

    It's says added successfully but i cannot see it on my facebook page.

    please help me with this

  • jems rock

    Facebook Help Center visit here

  • ram

    submit sucessfully, But how can i get the input data

  • mybackcracker

    I added the form and changed the name of contact us to FAQ.. It works fine on a desk top but does not show in mobile ... any ideas why

  • Jhojo02

    i am having a hard to try submiting the form i made, is there any one who knows how to submit the form after the client for example has filled out the form we made?

  • gflforms

    Hi, I cant get to my facebook page as when I click add to facebook it takes me to a facebook page like this;

  • haniflcentre

    Hello, Can we add more than one form on facebook? how? Tjank you .

  • Manar Etman

    is this app be showed on mobiles (ios , android ) ?

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