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How to Create Your First Web Form

Last Update: July 23, 2017

First time JotForm users often ask how to create a simple web form, how to set up Email Notifications, what are the ways to embed a form to a website, how to test the form to see if it's 100% working, and how can I see responses in my email and JotForm Inbox - Got a tight schedule? Learn it all in 2 minutes with the video below.

1. Decide what to ask first

First of all, think about what kind of questions you want to ask to our visitors. The best web forms maintain higher conversion rates by keeping it short & simple. Many users will simply abandon a form if it has too many questions. So keep your web forms as short & clear as possible.

2. State the purpose in the heading

Although you know why you're creating this web form, a confused visitor might land on the web page without knowing what your form does. Put a short heading such as "Contact Us" to your form. Put additional info in the sub-heading if necessary.

3. Use predefined Form Fields (e.g. Full Name, Email, Address, etc.)

Ask the visitor for his or her name & email address so you know who submitted what and this will allow you to followup with them if needed. Click ADD FORM ELEMENT on the left of the Form Builder and all the standard Form Fields are under the BASIC tab.

4. Use a Long Text Entry field for long answers (comments, description etc.)

A large comment box allows visitors to provide longer responses. Use the Long Text Entry field (textarea) under the QUICK ELEMENTS section of the BASIC tab.

5. Setting up Email Notifications

With Email Notifications, you’ll receive an alert in your email every time someone completes your form. Click SETTINGS at the top > EMAILS on the left > click the PLUS (+) icon to add a new Email Notification.

Since you're creating an email that'll come to you as the form owner, select NOTIFICATION EMAIL. The AUTORESPONDER is used when you need to send a confirmation email to the user who submitted the form.

For a more in-depth discussion on Email Notifications, refer to our guide on Setting-Up-Email-Notifications.

6. Embed your form to a website

Embedding your form in a website is crucial for collecting data continuously. To get your embed codes, click PUBLISH at the top > then EMBED on the left nav. Choose a different embed option depending to what suits you best.

There are also specific ways of embedding the form on several Website Builders and CMS platforms. If you're using one, go to the PLATFORMS menu instead and pick the one you're using.

Copy & paste the codes into your website's source code, usually within the body tag, and your form will be integrated the moment you save the changes in your editor.

If you're not sure which one to choose, read our guide on Which-Form-Embed-Code-Should-I-Use

7. Test your web form & see it working

Test your form on your live website to see that you're getting notifications to your email and your JotForm inbox. If anything doesn't come through, come back and check your steps correctly.

Congratulations on setting up your first web form! Return to this article anytime if you get lost. Tell us about your experience in creating your first web form in the comments section below!


  • croazia

    As you change the email, I do not understand how to put the mail where they get the form

  • romacox

    I created the free form, and tried to upload it to my file manager in Go Daddy. It will not upload with the form on it. Please advise

  • aytekin

    croazia: To change email address for a form:
    1. Open the form on the form editor
    2. Click on "Setup & Share" tab on the top toolbar
    3. Click on "Email Alerts"
    4. Click on "Notifications"
    5. Click "Reply-to and Recipient Settings"
    6. Change the email address on the lower bottom corner.

    romacox: Please post this question on the forum, so we can help you with this.

  • suamox

    Buenos dias
    Soy principiante. En que parte de mi pagina pego el codigo ?

  • lisasway

    Lisa Hysell
    The site won't let me do the most simplest of tasks and log in! Why? This is my first time logging into the site, I am dissipointed already!

  • aytekin

    suamox: Click on "Share Form" button on the form builder toolbar to get the form code to copy to your web site.

    lisasway: Can you post the details of your problem on the support forum? So that we can help you further. If you cannot login please make sure that cookies on your browser is enabled.

  • Cebonis


    I have a "contact form" on my iweb site that is hosted by go daddy, it looks great but when i did a test it said that email address is incorrect. I double checked this and it is not???
    Hope you can help.


  • aytekin

    Please post your question on the support forum or email us. Thanks.

  • Yonni

    While creating my first form, I selected your "Denim Jeans" theme. However, after posting the URL link ( to my website, the denim no longer appears on the form. Any suggestions on how to post the form so that the theme still appears? Thanks in advance.

  • aytekin

    Yinno: Fixed. When that happens simply change the theme, and change it back, then save your form. That usually solves this problem.

    Please post these kinds of questions on the forum instead.


    Sirs: thank you very much for your services I'm testing your product and I think it's great, excellent the best I've seen, I have a small problem and I want to see if I can help my web mails go to my mail in HTML do not know why is but I would like to help me tell me I have to do to normalize the situation.

  • aytekin

    Here is how you can receive emails in plain text. Open your form on the Form Builder and then:
    1. Click on "Setup and Share" tab,
    2. Click on "Email Alerts",
    3. Select "Notification",
    4. Click on "Convert to Text Mode",
    5. Finish and save your form.

    Please post these kinds of questions on the Support Forum. That's more suitable for help.

  • blynnradio

    Hey guys, went to add this to a facebook tab using FMBL and can't get it to actually show (visibly). Any idea?

  • jtieman

    I created a form, but it's not showing anything for the "form Name" under my forms tab. It just has a star. I tried creating oother forms and the Header becomes the form name. I tried to clone the "unnamed form" and the cloned form comes up with the name of "Clone of" . How do I rename a form?

  • mark

    i love it

  • dang31

    help me to creat my form

  • Billal1992

    Re: Creating Your First Form

  • Rebecca

    Hi, I created a form but now I can't paste it into my FDML tab. What do I need to do?

  • dennis cuevas


    Could you insert a tables, like those in Excel format on these forms?

    i was trying your generator, but i can't see any command to insert tables

    Hope to hear your from you soon


  • loveguruall

    hi it is very good.

  • Serafus

    How can put two Text Boxes on same line.

  • rexiedexie



  • aytekin

    rexiedexie: To change recipient email address on a form, open your form on the Form Builder and then:
    1. Click on "Setup and Share" tab,
    2. Click on "Email Alerts",
    3. Select "Notification",
    4. Click on "Reply-to and Recipient Settings",
    5. Change "Recipient E-mail" on the lower right side.

  • scammerdawako

    How to change the name of ur website?

  • ProfitStrategist

    I also can't figure out how to put more than one text box on the same line. I see you used a CSMTA example for another issue, but their's is how I want mine. How is this done?

  • Leonardo Peterson

    Olá,sou do BRAZIL,gostei muito do seu site,PARABÉNS mesmo!!

    Mas é que eu gostaria de saber sobre esse espaço que temos,estou usando o serviço gratis.Tenho duvida quanto espaço.Os 10 megas que temos,é para uploads??

    Acho que vou comprar uma conta paga,a mais barata em REAIS quanto fica??


  • JotFormSupport

    1. Open your form in edit mode
    2. Right click on a form element and shrink it.
    3. You can put shrunk elements near each other.

  • nhstevents

    Hi - This is a great solution.

    If we don't want to embed the code into our page can we just link to the form we have created?

  • gtalesbians

    I'd like to know the answer to that too.

  • scawbyphoto

    Can I use this form on "Office Live"
    and how do I insert the completed form into my web page.
    Can I PLEASE have a simple reply for a simple person.

  • JotFormSupport

    when you open embed wizard you can see the link of your form and use it as you like.

  • ricardoruizlopez

    en mi correo electronico aparece una notificacion pero no aparece las datos de la persona que ingresa a mi formulario

  • mohsinzed

    iam so happy

    verry good


  • weborization

    Right now my form is called "untitled form" - how do I save it as a name that means something to me?

  • JotFormSupport

    1) Open your form in edit mode.
    2) On the top Click on orange bar where "untitled form" is written
    3) You can change the name of the form.

  • Fida

    wow this is soo easy and it does work.. very nice
    thank you :)

  • Aparicio

    Al enviar un mensaje, la pagina dice que excede el tiempo y no manda el correo

  • Aparicio

    504 Gateway Time-out, me da este error,
    Que puedo hacer.
    Por favor contestar a

  • Stav

    I know this is stupid, but i cant find the "share form" button

  • JotFormSupport

    Share form is changed to Embed Form. The icon is same however.

  • lapaginadelu5dnc

    He creado un formulario y lo he puesto en mi página web, ahora cuando un usuario lo rellena y lo envía, ¿cómo llega a mi correo? si al crear el mismo no veo la forma de ingresarlo. Gracias por vuestra ayuda.

  • jmi


  • hasanabdalla

    I create an form, but it does not send a Details When I click on the Send button

  • ammanutritions

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    siple amazinging product to create your leadform.

  • Riyadhcupcake

    I have created my form and tested it and worked fine. However i want to use the source to embed within facebook FMBL page how do i do that. i tried the copy the source and paste that resulted in a title but with no contents.

  • mviott


  • d2meyer

    When I receive the email it does not include the information from the webiste and displays {name5} etc. instead.

  • MinowaVoiceovers

    Hi. It's really easy to learn and I'm in the process of creating my first form. I'm looking everywhere, though, to see if you can extend the length of the short answer box. Is there a way to do that? I worry that if someone has a long name, and it doesn't fit, what will happen? So I wanted to add a few spaces for the contact info. part, where people leave their name...Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • simoesoli

    The Best!!!

  • terjemk

    This look like a sulotion for me! One question. CAn I, as i build my form and add the Address field from Quick tools, edit the fields here, lets say remove the Country drop down list?

  • Habbonautidas


  • JuanDelatorre

    how can i save the template to my desktop

  • JotFormSupport

    1) Open your form in edit mode
    2) On the top toolbar click on Setup & Embed
    3) Click on Embed Form
    4) Click on Source
    5) You will see a text like:
    You can also download a compressed and refined version with seperate .css and .js files from here.

    You can download the full source code.

  • AKCharlie

    Where do I create the link for the submit button on my form? So when someone click the submit button it takes them to a specific page.

  • GlobalNetwork

    How do you specifically change the form field colors? The default white is to bright for my site.

  • nemilos

    please can someone help me; when i recive an email from my form i always recive two emails for same form one from jotform one from sender

  • y3ayi


  • ziggyan

    I've already created a form but now everytime I go to my account and try to edit it I can not do it. The tools don't work, I can't even see my form and I had seen it and post it on my website before. I need to fix some things and I'm not able to do it because of the "not workin" issue. Help!

  • cmitra

    looks to be good

  • shmuelg

    If I have a separate info@ ******
    email address and want the emails sent to it, where do I put the email address?

  • Sally-Ann

    I made the form/contact us tab, copied the code now have no idea where to put the code on my facebook page to make it work... Help??

  • Sabrina

    I want to send the person who as filled in the form a confirmation link by email, which they must click to confirm their response and identity. Is that possible?

  • Melissa

    Can I set an expiration of a survey?

  • kirkiblp

    how can i make the comment appear on my website, just like this one? this comment will appear at the bottom right?

  • abhina

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  • gregklassen

    I love this service. I built an extesive intake form for my business that a collegue would like to duplicate. Is there a way to copy over my form into a new account for them to use?

  • Video Chat New

    hi frinds

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  • William Price

    Hi there Jotform team,

    I created my first jotform, put it on my "About Me" page as a contact form, and guess what? Yeah, it worked like a dream. many thanks. William.

  • cakir53

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    dose't work whhhhhhhhhhhhhy?

  • atheer1

    i see this messege........Due to terms of use violation, your account has been suspended.
    It was suspected to be used for phishing. If you think this is a mistake please contact us to resolve this issue.......what happen i use this account firt time

  • siedsalh

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  • Gabriel Palma

    how can i add 2 emails....i have to mails, hotmail & gmail?

  • Goldo

    Gabriel: To have two or more email on the Recipient E-mail:
    1. Simply need to include a comma in between each email. ex:,

  • sam17iq

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  • cleomario

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  • Jaydean lelliott

    I need to reactivate my old account. REF # :56317994 or start a new one using this same e-mail. How to?

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  • Carien

    Is it possible to send my form to multiple email addresses? And if so, how do I do that?

  • dmaico

    How can data in the form store to my mysql database on my host?

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    thank you but I have a problem in the sending button , when I visit the form while I made it ;I press "send button" then it say : "Form Disabled
    This form has been disabled" .... I want help please , thank you too...

  • OUUC

    I created a form and later made some changes to it. When I get the embed code I still see the earlier version of the form. Is there something I need to do besides save the form to get the code for the updated version?

  • netpersuasion

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  • mnemosyne300

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  • دیلان

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  • micheal46

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  • GRUPO3

    hola hola, mi problema es que cree el formulario, pero no pude hacer que se vea en la web. pegue el código, pero no pasa nada, sera que me falto hacer algo??

  • afzal

    how can i add calender to adobe muse through jot form

  • Prince7

    Tried to do it for the last hour and doesn't seem to work. Please help?

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  • ahmedhook1

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    Are this forms secure? Is there a limit for subscriptions or Gb in the uploads?
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  • LeahRiddell

    HI, I pasted the Embed form on my wordpress body and it actually shows the scripts not the form itself. How can that be fixed?

  • theevyfashioncloset

    I can't apply the once I click the the button of static HTML.the answer is *You do not admin any pages for which this application can be installed* please help me? :(

  • tedkim

    Every thing is fine except the position(location) of contact form on my web page. I noticed that the form I created is positioned on the center of my web page. Actually all my web pages are positioned in the left side. I'd like to move the form where i want it(position it to left side not center). Please help me. Here is that page url.

  • rami_comonder11

    and how te me change the url of my forum !!!

  • LizAraujo

    Vou começar a tentar criar um formulário agora mesmo!

  • bunkle

    Two questions.

    1) What page does the users web browser go to after submission?

    2) How do I control what the form's action *does*? That is to say, what if I *don't* want the form to simply send an e-mail of field values? What if I want the form to take the input from the field, calculate a body mass index (or a earnings investment yield, or anagrams of the user's last name, or anything that I wish to program)? How can I tie a jot form to a third-party developed program?

  • Alzbeta

    I want to make form for hotel reservations.How do I connect the form (check in, check out date, No.of adults, No.of children, Submit buttons) with the availability calendar so after entering dates it shows availability?Thank you


    I created a form for my employees to send requests to me via Google Drive. It worked really well for a few days, but it disappeared from their Google Drive. Do I (as owner) have to be logged in for them to find the form? Where or why did it go?

  • البدر


  • البدر


  • mktmultipliers

    Various autoresponder services (Aweber, GetResponse, etc) let you configure where to send the user after they hit the "submit" button on the form.

    Can JotForm do that? (I've clicked around but couldn't find how / where to configure that sort of option.)


  • HSCE

    Hello. I really want to be use your service to its full potential, however, I am having serious problems. I have installed the plug-in on WP and have gone to settings, It tells me I need an API key, having followed the link, it takes me to my control panel. however, I am unable to click on the API Key. also I want to become a registered user, but on sending the submit form on sign up, it just hangs, I have cleared cookies and cache and have tried 3 different browsers, all to no avail, please help.

  • heatherwatsonross

    Anyone know how to embed form onto a Google sites webpage?

  • Darkmaz

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    Eu recebo o email, com todos os dados postados pelo,mas preciso utilizar estes dados em uma base de dados.
    Um abraço Serafim Lemos

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    How do you change background color in the "Contact Us" text box at top of form? It always shows as green with small white envelopes on the right side.
    Thank you

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    How do I see all of the data all at once - a list of the info from the people who register?

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    I was wondering how I can make the form (in a lightbox) open when clicking an html element/link on my page.

    Right now the code I pasted in includes its own link that becomes added to my page, but I want to link the form to my own element.

    Thanks in advance

  • shanlee

    when I click a link on my page to open the form (suppose to be in a lightbox), there is momentarily a lightbox and then the page is replaced with a full page form (no lightbox). Please help. I've put the code below:

    var JFL_50395077146256 = new JotformFeedback({
    windowTitle:'Mini Contact Form with CSS3',

    …there's a close body tag at the end of my html

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    I already create Forms in my website on construction. I just want to know how quick and better it is if I use Jotform!

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    1. First of all you need to click log in.
    2. Click on “create form”.
    3. Choose blank form and click “create”.
    4. Click on “tittle me” and edit it what you want (ex: My Form).
    5. You can drag and drop the tools from toolbar to white area.
    6. Finally click on “Auto save”

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    I have created a form to ask people to click the areas that apply, but on the spreadsheet these cannot be filtered separately. what is the best way to add buttons to give each answer on a separate column?


    I need a form

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    What can I do, please?
    Thank you very much

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    Can I create a jotform that will take the user out to provide thier location via google maps pick & return the lat/long in its response?

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    I need to create a credit card authorization form to embed into my website that is secured with an SSL certificate. I don't want the information to come to JotForm due to security. Is this possible?

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    hola , como uso el lector de codigos QR en un formulario?

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    I can't publish my form why ? It say this form is disabled ! Please help


    I created a small website. In contact details form the name field color (background of the field which is White) & color of the text typed(which is White) are same(both are white). I am unable to change text color to Black. Pls help me

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    I made the form/contact us tab, copied the code now have no idea where to put the code on my facebook page to make it work...

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